Get the Right Answers Faster with the World’s Leading Analytics Platform

Brainspace is the most comprehensive and advanced data analytics platform for investigations, eDiscovery, intelligence mining, and compliance. Our patented technology is specifically designed to enable you to accelerate the process of identifying what matters. Harness the power of the industry’s leading Augmented Intelligence solution to quickly surface data insights while reducing an organization’s legal risk. Here’s a brief overview of Brainspace’s key features.

Cluster Wheel 

Unsupervised Machine Learning at its best. Interactive clustering visualization allows you to quickly explore topics of interest regardless of data size. 

Communication Analysis 

Displays complete networks of communication enabling users to quickly identify persons of interest and explore related people and conversations.

Metadata Dashboard 

Every element on the dashboard is interactive allowing you to greatly narrow the field. As searches are executed the dashboard itself changes to reflect the narrowing population making it easy to find meaning in even the largest datasets. 

Conversation Analysis

With Conversation Analysis you can easily analyze the intersection of people, time, and topics of interest. Quickly understand when specific conversations took place, who were the major participants, and when did they enter and exist the conversation.

Thread Analysis

Leverage Brainspace’s interactive Email Threading visualization to easily traverse through a thread to understand how the conversation unfolded along with the inclusion/exclusion of specific individuals and topics discussed.  Accelerate review of email threads with Inclusiveness detection that identifies the subset of emails within the thread that contain the entire conversation.

Transparent Concept Search 

Starting with a single term, phrase, or an entire paragraph, Brainspace concept search automatically expands queries to reveal related concepts surfacing key concepts previously unknown to the user. 

Continuous Multimodal Learning

Our next generation supervised learning allows you to train the machine to automatically recognize specific types of behavior. With zero extra effort you can train models and leverage predictive ranks to prioritize review. 

Model Insights 

Gain a deeper understanding of what’s driving your predictive ranks and make faster course corrections to your predictive models. Leverage additional data insights after each training round including changes to responsive terms, metadata and introduction of new terms that can significantly impact the accuracy of the model. 

Portable Learning 

Preserve Decision IP by building predictive models. Then effortlessly transfer those models between datasets, generating nearly instant relevance identification results on new cases without the overhead of searching and filtering.

Patented Phrase Detection & Multi-Concept Identification 

Brainspace’s patented phrase detection identifies and creates phrases on the fly identifying word combinations with semantically similar context. Without relying on lexicons or thesauri, Brainspace identifies unique phrases not in lists, therefore increasing accuracy and relevance. Our patented Multi-Concept Detection technology recognizes and draws inferences from multiple concepts. Unlike other solutions that depend solely on traditional Latent Semantic Analysis (LSA), Brainspace’s innovative approach combines LSA with additional enhancements to significantly increase accuracy without sacrificing recall. 

Multi-Language Support & Entity Extraction 

Brainspace automatically detects 300+ Languages, analyzes & searches 55+ business languages. In addition, our technology automatically extracts PII & specific people, places and things from Unstructured Content.

Third Party Technology Integrations

Brainspace is fully integrated with several industry leading technologies including Nuix, Relativity and Venio.